Book Problems

Let’s admit it, bookworms–we have problems.

We wring our hands over what to read next, hardcover or e-book, fold down page corners or use bookmarks, to lend or not to lend…I could keep going!

Today I want to talk about: how do you decide what to read next?

Now I’m a beginner blogger so I don’t have obligations; no one is sending me ARCs to read and I understand that can certainly influence a person’s TBR order. But when that isn’t a consideration and you have approximately a hundred thousand books you want to read, how do you choose which comes next?

Comment and let me know how you decide!


3 thoughts on “Book Problems

  1. I page through my nook’s book listing (I know, heresy) until something leaps out at my face. Then I read that. #halping #nothelping


  2. I have a cute little jar filled with pieces of paper with the names of all my unread books on them so when I can’t decide what to read I can pick one at random!


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