When You Don’t Like The Thing Everyone Else Likes

aka my biggest fear.

well one of my biggest fears.

I have a lot of fears.


I don’t ever want to be the contrarian who doesn’t enjoy things specifically because other people enjoy them. I hate the idea that popularity is an indication of a thing’s lack of value…mostly because that always seems to come with a very superior, holier-than-thou attitude that I generally can’t stand.

But this weekend I had the sad of experience of legitimately not liking something a lot of other people really like.

I tried to read “A Darker Shade of Magic.” Everyone had recommended it to me and the description made it sound like all of the things I enjoy. Fantasy! Multiple worlds! Magic! Kick-ass girl characters!

I made it to 40% before I had to stop.

If you could see my face right now it’d be very, very sad. Because I wanted so much to like this book! I wanted to be part of the love for it! I wanted to appreciate the art and discussion!

But. I. Couldn’t.

I couldn’t care about the characters. The settings were interesting but I couldn’t bring myself to care about them either. The pacing & plot were slow and again…I just couldn’t care!

So now I’m sad.

Maybe I’ll try again with the book. Maybe it’s my state of mind, or maybe some planet is in retrograde and that’s why I couldn’t bring myself to like the book.

Has this happened to you? Have you just…not been able to like something that is generally, near universally acclaimed?


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